My Day in Kenmore WA

The owner of Kenmore Pest Control Pros visits the town!

Visiting Kenmore, Washington proved to be very enjoyable as our family was fortunate to participate in the Dragon Boat rowing contest with relatives we were visiting. Since no rowing experience was necessary, it was exciting for them to work together as part of a team with other people their age who are residents of the area. Listening to the drummer on the boat on the boat helped quite a bit as well. The boats were great with carved dragon heads on them! The Chamber of Commerce provided extensive information about the area which proved to be very helpful in planning our visit.


While there is a lot to do at the Kenmore waterfront, we headed over to the Kenmore History Walk and found there is even a Reflexology Foot Path based on ancient wisdom from Egypt and China, the first of its kind in North America. We walked barefoot so the path could massage and stimulate the soles of our feet which actually rejuvenated us for an exciting musical performance at the free of charge Hangar in the Town Square.


With a two-sided fireplace, free Wi-Fi plugins and doors that open wide like airplane hangar doors, it was the perfect place to relax and enjoy the rest of our day.

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